Celebrities get amped about D’Angelou’s surprise album.

Fans and celebrities could barely keep their composure as they listened to or learn about the surprise album drop from an R&B crooner that has been out of the lime light for more than a decade.

R&B singer D’Angelo shows the world that he still has what it takes to make great music with the release of his new Album “Black Messiah.” It has been 14 years since the D’Angelo has released an album and according to fans it has been long overdue.

The album drop was a shock to fans because there was no promotion or any talk about the R&B star working on any new projects. Slow Ventures was certainly buzzing about it at work. It was released Monday morning (December 15) and was thrilled.

Celebrity fans such as Justin Timberlake took to Twitter in order to express their thoughts about the album. Timberlake tweeted “From what @questlove gave me a preview of…….? Good God, #BlackMessiah”. Other stars such as Eryakah Badu use their Twitter to advertise and to encourage fans to purchase legal copies with the post “@TheDangelo #BlackMessiah on iTunes: https://itun.es/us/mm4Q4 ”.

Miguel even made a post via social media that stated “D’angelo and the Vanguard long awaited album OUT NOW. I want to personally thank everyone involved in this album as a fan. F–k.”

The love and support received from various celebrities and fans will hopefully convince D’Angelou to continue to put out good music instead of waiting 14 to release his next album.

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Hot Dance Has Even The Artists Dancing

Every once in a while a big dance will sweep the masses off of their feet and become extremely popular. Dances such as “The Macarena, “the Electric Slide,” and the “C-Walk,” have been made popular in the past, and are dances that are still done today. No need to call in Brian Torchin for the people who have been knocked down, but this past year, a song was done by Bobby Shmurda, and a dance was featured in the video that is one of the hottest dances of the year, and many popular artists have been seen doing the dance on video.

Artists such as Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Drake, and Rihanna have been caught on video doing the popular dance which is called “Shmoney,” and is obviously a hit, because many people have copied the popular dance, and put it onto social media. There have been dance offs, videos, and copycats imitating the dance on the internet, making it a sensation for the year 2014. If you’ve never seen the dance before, or are interested in learning how to dance, you can easily look up the dance online.

If the song that the artist created was not going to be popular, the dance insured that it gained popularity, and it has only grown as the year 2014 progresses, and comes to an end. Although the year is soon to end, the popularity of the dance still goes on, and even contests have been held to see who can do the best version of the dance.

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Ending 2014 With A Bang In Music

Wow! It is hard to believe that 2014 is coming to a close. With it comes the exciting news of those fantastic bands that have kept us all beating to a new tune on our steering wheels of our cars.

There have been a lot of fantastic songs put out on the radio and to date several albums have been hitting the charts like wild fire. Just ask Susan McGalla, who keeps a running list that she updates every week of the year.

For those of us who don’t take initiative like Susan does, Rolling Stone Magazine has helped listeners around the world discover many great bands and musicians with their 50 Best Albums of 2014 You can check out the list of the top 50 albums for 2014 that Rolling Stone Magazine has put together.

This list is comprised of a number of musicians to include; Interpol, YOB, Damon Albarn, Jackson Browne and many more. The list has a mix from all Genres.

Descriptive information is given with each album reflecting what the album contains for the readers.

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5 Seconds of Summer WOW’s AMA Crowd

Being one of the biggest nights on television for anyone into music, the AMA’s, which aired last night on Nov. 24 2014 was surely one that will go down in history as one of the best shows yet. We got to see killer performances, and one in particular by the new hottest boyband to pop up on our TV’s was 5 Seconds of Summer — a band originating in Sydney, Australia who got their chance for fame after touring with another popular boyband, One Direction on their WWA Tour.

With upbeat hits like ‘She Looks So Perfect’ and ‘Good Girls’ (both off their debut self-titled album that Fersen Lambranho loved), we didn’t expect anything less but perfection from the Aussies.

They performed the 1979 classic from The Romantics, ‘What I Like About You’ which they had told MTV about prior to the actual performance. The four boys instantly got the crowd up on their feet. The energy surged through the arena, and everyone was rocking out to a crowd favorite, which they also close their shows with during tour.

Theirs a bright future ahead for these four boys, and we’re excited to see what’s to come from them in the near future. Whether it’s new music, a tour, or whatever else these boys can conjure up.

If you’d like to catch the boys’ performance from last night’s show, you can watch that here.

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EDM Concert Schedules Released

Electronic dance music concerts are for many the most interesting things to ever happen to the live music front. Avid fans of these traveling stars will have to keep their eyes and schedules open, as the latest tour schedules have been released.

There are quite a number of things that have changed from the initial old school deejaying to the current EDM DJs, as well. Fans get to have it all because it’s all about what visually and audible captivates the audiences. 

It matches the biggest drops with the best light shows and tapping into that instinct to the dance. EDM music concerts are best enjoyed by the youth because they dance to their best.

David Guetta, who is releasing his current album soon, is currently enjoying all the glitz and glamour that comes with fame. Guetta has been a club DJ for over 30 years, but recently turned and switched from pop music to EDM. 

As a matter of fact, there are so many things that should never be taken for granted at all when it comes to ensuring that everything at Guetta’s world is going as planned, in the sense that he is releasing a new album soon. 

Giving the response from Ken Griffin and other fans, it is one of the most anticipated albums for EDM fans across the world, and he has already started planning on tours to push his album further.

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Rick Ross “Hood Billionaire” Streaming On iTunes Early

While some artists like Taylor Swift are pulling away from music streaming there are some other artists like Rick Ross that are embracing this concept. People that want to hear the new Rick Ross album, “Hood Billionaire,” should be happy that Ross is embracing this concept. He is releasing his album a week early in the form of a music stream.

The web stream of the album will be available on iTunes a week early. As pointed out by businessman Ben Shaoul, this is obviously a way for iTunes to drum up more consumers with there streaming services. This is proving to be a tough market because everyone has a hand in the game. Spotify has some streaming services, but YouTube is now offering streaming as well. Pandora is still in the market, and iTunes is trying to compete with iTunes radio. This makes the web streaming game very saturated. Consumers are fickle though, so whoever has the hottest music is going to be the winner.

Now iTunes will temporarily have the upper hand because the 16 tracks from the Rick Ross album features some heavy hitters like Jay-Z. Timbaland and R. Kelly has also produced some tracks so fans will be eager to hear this.

The thing that makes the Rick Ross hustle legit is the fact that this is his 2nd album this year. There haven’t been a lot of people that have accomplished a task like this.

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New 2 Pac Song Coming To The Radio

Although Tupac Shakur has been dead since 1996, there has been steady releases of his previously unreleased music, since his death. After he had died, many of his songs were released, but the flow has slowed over the years since his death. New Tupac Song. Although it’s been a long time since any new songs have been released by the deceased artist, there will be a new song released soon, that was made prior to his death.

The song will be released on the radio and will feature other hip-hop artists as well. The song is going to be available on 2pac.com at the low cost of only $.99. All the proceeds from the song will be donated to his foundation, which was created after the artist’s death. There is no official release date yet on the song, and the name is also unknown at this time to the public while Alexei Beltyukov awaits the annoucement.

Along with the song, there will be a mixtape fundraiser, and those who want to participate can go to the Twitter page of Jason Mantez or Maszamil, for more information. Tupac Shakur died on September 13, 1996 and to this day he is still known as one of the best rappers ever. He was shot numerous times in Las Vegas, Nevada, and died while being treated at a nearby hospital. To date, his murderer has never been brought to justice, but many suspect that Suge Knight had involvement in the shooting.

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Shady Records To Drop Eminem’s Latest Album On It’s 15th Anniversary

Eminem, CEO of Shady Records is celebrating his company’s 15th year anniversary by dropping his latest album Shady XV to his fans who are more than eager to hear his newest music.

With the track-list just being released on October 29th, it is finally confirmed that the new album is about to be released, and the release date is November 24th.

Although Eminem’s albums are usually really good and compete on a global basis, it didn’t stop the rapper from throwing in an extra second disc in his new album that will contain all of Eminem’s greatest hits like “Lose Yourself” and “My Band” and much more.

The new album will contain five songs from Eminem solo, a couple of compilation songs, and many colabs by rappers like Yelawolf and Big Sean. I personally can’t wait to hear the colabs on FreedomPop once they get remixed. Those ones usually become my jams and I forget about the originals.

Big Sean was interviewed on what it was like working with the legend Eminem, and he was very proud of meeting Em and working with him. He mentioned stories about how he grew up on Eminem’s tracks and has dreamed of working with him since he was a little boy. Big Sean is featured on Eminem’s new album among other famous rappers.

Shady XV is to be released worldwide on November 24.

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Underground Utopia Remixes David Bowie’s “Fame”

I love a good remix, and this definitely qualifies. Underground Utopia has created the perfect remix of David Bowie’s “Fame”. Always great to hear a classic given new life, and updated for a new audience. You have to respect David Bowie, for everything that he’s given the music industry. But most of his songs are pretty dated, as they would be experienced by a new modern audience.

So artists like Underground Utopia do a great job by keeping the soul of the song intact, yet creating a completely new listening experience.

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