Shady Records To Drop Eminem’s Latest Album On It’s 15th Anniversary

Eminem, CEO of Shady Records is celebrating his company’s 15th year anniversary by dropping his latest album Shady XV to his fans who are more than eager to hear his newest music.

With the track-list just being released on October 29th, it is finally confirmed that the new album is about to be released, and the release date is November 24th.

Although Eminem’s albums are usually really good and compete on a global basis, it didn’t stop the rapper from throwing in an extra second disc in his new album that will contain all of Eminem’s greatest hits like “Lose Yourself” and “My Band” and much more.

The new album will contain five songs from Eminem solo, a couple of compilation songs, and many colabs by rappers like Yelawolf and Big Sean. I personally can’t wait to hear the colabs on FreedomPop once they get remixed. Those ones usually become my jams and I forget about the originals.

Big Sean was interviewed on what it was like working with the legend Eminem, and he was very proud of meeting Em and working with him. He mentioned stories about how he grew up on Eminem’s tracks and has dreamed of working with him since he was a little boy. Big Sean is featured on Eminem’s new album among other famous rappers.

Shady XV is to be released worldwide on November 24.

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Underground Utopia Remixes David Bowie’s “Fame”

I love a good remix, and this definitely qualifies. Underground Utopia has created the perfect remix of David Bowie’s “Fame”. Always great to hear a classic given new life, and updated for a new audience. You have to respect David Bowie, for everything that he’s given the music industry. But most of his songs are pretty dated, as they would be experienced by a new modern audience.

So artists like Underground Utopia do a great job by keeping the soul of the song intact, yet creating a completely new listening experience.

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