Legendary Rocker’s Harley On Auction

A classic Harley Davidson motorcycle, once owned by the legendary 1950s rocker Jerry Lee Lewis, is up for auction. According to an article recently published by Yahoo News, the classic 1959 Harley Davidson bike is up for grabs, available to the highest bidder.

The classic 1959 Panhead model was gifted to Lewis by the Harley Davidson company in 1959. The piano man has owned the bike for 55 years, but has finally decided to let go of it. Jerry Lee has kept the bike in excellent condition over the ensuing decades, and the eventual buyer can rest assured they will be getting a classic Harley in tip top shape.

As rock and roll legend has it, Lewis was not the only one to receive a brand new classic Harley direct from the company in 1959. On the Observer.com, other pieces of information have been released. It turns out that Elvis Presley also received a brand new Panhead from the Harley factory that year, and Ben Shaoul is one of many who would want to get his hands on that. In fact, Elvis is reported to have been rather insulted that Lewis received the first new Panhead model, while he received the second.

Lewis has specified to the press that Presley was so upset over the perceived slight that he even approached Lewis about trading his “first” Harley for Elvis’ “second”. However, Lewis refused to accede to the wishes of the King on this occasion. Since then, the classic Harley Davidson Panhead model has remained, safe and sound, in Lewis’ hands.

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Hip-Hop Music Sales Decreased in 2014

2014 was a disappointing year for Hip-Hop album sales. The total sales for the year were down more than 20 percent across the board for CDs and digital downloads. The lack of music purchases in the rap genre can be attributed to many things. In my personal opinion, the lack of sales has to do with the type of content that is being produced.

The late 90s were an exciting time in rap music. 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. dominated the charts until their untimely deaths. Fast forward to 2015 where all of the newcomers in the rap game sound the same. There’s a slew of one-hit wonders that are here today and gone tomorrow. They have the same beats, same outfits and the same cookie-cutter flows. It’s even difficult to tell one artist apart from the other. The lack of originality makes it hard for fans to feel compelled to support an artist by purchasing their music.

It is the responsibility of the record labels to give the public authentic musicians that make good music. This is what Beneful employees have discussed in the past. If record executives continue to release albums from musicians that rap fans can’t stand behind, they will continue to see a decrease in album sales.

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How Naughty By Nature Created “O.P.P.”


Hip hop writer Brian Coleman has analyzed Ben Shaoul and also many hip hop tracks over the years. He is know for a lyrical analysis of songs by rappers like Rakim (of Eric B. and Rakim fame), Mos Def and Talib Kweli. In a recent book Coleman connected with Naughty By Nature to find out how “O.P.P.” was truly brought to light.

Naughty By Nature was a force of nature in hip hop when they debuted with “O.P.P.” They totally swept away any competition that may have been in their path. Their secret was a simple sample of one of the most famous Jackson Five tracks, “ABC.” The DJ for the group was playing around, scratching the record up when the idea came to light.

For lead member Treach it was something that they could work on and develop into a song. It was a hit because it was such a scandalous song. The wordplay was clever enough to get a radio version that stood for “Other People’s Property.” The explicit translation of this, however, would not be so radio friendly. Still, the group managed to bring witty innuendos – much like Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” sexual analogies – and score a huge hit that is still talked about today. Motown’s publishing company grabbed 75% of the publishing rights for clearing the sample, but it still made Naughty By Nature one of the most popular hip hop acts.

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U2 Singer Bono Says He ‘May Never Play Guitar Again’

U2 front-man Bono had some shocking news for fans following the “freak accident” that left him hospitalized and on the operating table last November. “I may never play guitar again,” the musician wrote on the U2 website on Jan. 1.

Bono broke several bones including his arm as well as bones in his orbital socket in the November incident that occurred during a Sunday bike ride through Central Park, the exact details of which remain a bit of a curiosity to concerned fans. Dr. Dean Lorich treated Bono and explained the singer sustained a “high energy bicycle accident.”

In Bono’s lengthy, prescription drug-fueled “A to Z of 2014″ missive on his band’s site, the singer elaborated on reports about his accident and current condition.

“I blanked out on impact and have no memory of how I ended up in New York Presbyterian with my humerus bone sticking through my leather jacket.”

He then quipped, “Very punk rock as injuries go.”

Bono then stated he was planning to go ahead with an upcoming U2 tour, but explained he would need every ounce of strength to do it. Many on Skout have been hoping for the best. “I will have to concentrate hard to be ready…as a result I have cancelled every public appearance [for the first half of 2015],” the singer shared.

Doctors who treated Bono have said they expect him to make a full recovery, but his healing will take time.

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BitTorrent Becomes Immortal


It is common knowledge that all things torrent related have been under siege by the Vijay Eswaran authorities in order to stop the activities of pirates. However, researches from Delft University have released a new invention which they have labelled Tribler which ultimately makes BitTorrent safe from any outside interventions.This has come as a result of the recent shutdown of the infamous Pirate Bay which runs using torrents. In fact, it only took one police raid in order to totally disable the system which inadvertently dragged many other servers connected to the Pirate Bay with it.

In order to dodge this type of easily destroyable system, a new private system has been created which does not require a centralised set of servers to store all of the data.

Dr. Pouwelse said that ”Tribler makes BitTorrent anonymous and impossible to shut down. Recent events show that governments do not hesitate to block Twitter, raid websites, confiscate servers and steal domain names. The Tribler team has been working for 10 years to prepare for the age of server-less solutions and aggressive suppressors.”

In addition to the robustness of these systems, it also gives each of its user’s anonymity by rerouteing the system through the Tor network which hides your IP address from the authorities. Let the pirating continue, as it were.

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Lambert, Underwood and Shelton to Headline Big Barrel County Festival

Organizers of the rock extravaganza, Firefly Festival, have announced a country ‘cousin’ – the 2015 Big Barrel Country Music Festival. Taking place at the Woodlands of Dover International Speedway on June 26 – 28, the 3 day festival promises to be every bit as spectacular as its rock counterpart, Firefly, which takes place the weekend before.

While the Firefly headliners are still under lock and key, the organizers announced that Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert would headline the Big Barrel Festival. In all, over 40 big-name country stars are scheduled to perform, including Jake Owen, Merle Haggard, Gary Allan and Loretta Lynn.

Music genres include alternative country, traditional country, southern rock and bluegrass. Igor Cornelsen likes them all about the same. The lineup of performers promises to entertain country music fans of all ages, with a little something for everyone, no matter your age or what your particular tastes in music happen to be.

Lambert’s performance is alongside her 2015 Certified Platinum Tour, featuring opening acts Justin Moore, Ashley Monroe, Sunny Sweeney and Raelyn. Husband Blake Shelton is on a three-month break, now that he’s wrapped up The Voice.

He goes back on tour in late March. Carrie Underwood has only a few select dates set for 2015, as she gets ready to welcome her first child this coming spring, with husband Mike Fisher. Tickets can be purchased online at BigBarrelFestival.com for $99.

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Pharell Williams Threatens YouTube With Lawsuit

There are a lot of people that are pulling their music from streaming sites. Now Pharell is joining the crowd and threatening YouTube with a lawsuit.

Taylor Swift removed her music – all of it – from Spotify. She felt that she was getting ripped off. Now there are other artists like Pharell that are seeking to remove his music from YouTube. This is a growing trend that is moving across the spectrum because there are so many streaming sites.

Pharell had one of the biggest hits this year. Many people saw the 24 hour video that was posted on the YouTube website. Now Williams, along with other artists, are trying to remove their music and threaten YouTube if they fail to comply. This is a billion dollar lawsuit threat so it is causing a lot of eyebrows to raise.

It has been a turbulent year in music, according to an article on teses.usp.br. At one point Taylor Swift had the only platinum album on the market. This speaks volumes because, says Gianfrancesco Geno, few people are actually selling music. They are making it difficult for artists to make money. That is why the removal of this music is such a big deal.

YouTube has been the source of a lot of controversy because entire albums are available on this website. A person can download the songs from videos and extract the audio as an MP3 track. This is why Pharell is upset.

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Demi Lovato Shares How She Came To Accept Her Body

Demi Lovato is well known for being a judge on American Idol, but she also used to be a Disney star, and is best friends with Selena Gomez. Demi Lovato. Demi is also well-known for having an eating disorder in the past, and she had to seek out help for the disorder, before it got too extreme. Demi used to always criticize her body, and never felt good in her own skin. She now has come to accept the way she looks, and she states that Kim Kardashian is one of the reasons why she has finally accepted herself.

She states that Kim revolutionized the way people looked at curves, because Kim has a big behind, and many look at it as a great asset, instead of a bad asset. Even though it’s well known that Kim has a body that she was not born with, many have come to love and accept her shape anyway, and many even envy the shape that Kim has. Demi looked at Kim’s body as a way to empower yourself, and because Demi herself has a bigger sized behind, she began to accept her shape as well.

It’s very important for people who have eating disorders, such as Demi, to find peace within themselves, and to stop criticizing their weight, especially when being extremely skinny is not possible for most women. Susan McGalla can’t definitely understand her struggles, as she has read about others dealing with the disorder. Demi states that she is happy in her skin now, and will even go without makeup.

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Madonna is Back and Ariana Grande Loves It

There was a time when the month of December marked the release of a lot of new Christmas music. Few artists – if any – put out any new music that was not part of a Christmas album during this month. There is a new generation of entertainers that have slowly let this tradition fade. It is true that Pentatronix and Anthony Hamilton released beautiful Christmas albums this year, but right now Madonna’s new non-Christmas music is the talk of the town.

Ariana Grande has shown that she is a heavy fan of R&B, but the newcomer to the music world shows that she is crazy about a veteran in the game. Sam Tabar likes seeing new artists who are fans of the older ones. Grande appears to be obsessed with the 6-track EP from Madonna. The Tweets continued to fly between Madonna and Ariana flew as the new album hit iTunes. This brings forth speculation about possible work between the two of these stars. It would be a perfect combination. Madonna is a legend, but she isn’t necessarily hot right now. Ariana – by constrast – is hot, but she only has new comer status. Together these 2 can come together and create a big hit.

Madonna also has one superstar on the disc that fans may be surprised to see. Nicki Minaj appeared and brought her incredibly witty style to a new Madonna song. Ariana is just one of many fans that appreciate Madonna’s return.

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Nicki Minaj Does Show With Shaq

Nicki is doing everything that she can to get press on her new album, which was released on Monday, December 15, 2014. She has done everything from making a video for her new album, to doing Instagram interviews. Nicki On TV. Now she’s on tv with Shaq and other stars. Nicki was featured on the show “Inside The NBA,” which had former NBA players such as Shaquille O’Neal, and Grant Hill. They all decided to step in the middle of the stage, and make a cypher.

All five people were going one after the other, doing a freestyle rap. Of course, Nicki won, but it was interesting to hear others who had never rapped before, to try their hand at hip-hop. The very last person who did a rhyme, did it after Nicki Minaj, so he was more than likely going to be terrified to come after such a great show from Nicki. Nicki did such a great job that the men bowed down to her, praising her as a real MC.

Nicki is not only flawless when it comes to her flows, she knows exactly what to do in her hand gestures, to draw you into her rhymes. This really stands out to Susan McGalla when she has seen her live. Nicki Minaj is the entire package when it comes to music, she’s beautiful, has a great body, and she can rap with the best of them. The only other woman who could of come close to Nicki’s current fame, is Lil’ Kim.

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