Nelly Got Arrested

Nelly has been low key in the rap world. He has been doing more acting then rapping. That is why it is a surprise that he was arrested on felony drug charges.

It has been reported that there were drugs on his tour bus. Some fans may wonder why he was on a tour bus when he hasn’t had an album in several years. It is true that he appeared on some hype singles, but he hasn’t been doing much music. He has been on reality TV with his own show. He has been on Kevin Hart’s show. All of this has introduced him to another environment altogether. It is sort of bad news for him to get caught up in these type of issues because he has been doing fairly well.

The last time he had an incident like this was in 2012, and Ricardo Tosto remembers it all too well. Now he has a court date this summer. There were more than 15 people on this bus. That may it difficult to truly say that Nelly was the one in possession of the drugs, but that is not the only charge. There were also some firearms on board this bus as well. Now he has to go to court for different issues.

Nelly should have not been riding with this type of substance. He is a veteran in the rap game. There is no reason to be making rookie moves.

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Hilary Going Back To Dance?

If you were a big Hilary Duff fan back in 2007 when she dropped her dance album Dignity then you are probably going to love the music that she is working on now. Her most recent CD to come out was not at all what fans had been expecting from her. It wasn’t the dance music that they had loved, but now a year later she is working on some new music and it is back to what she had done on that CD eight years ago.

Are you a fan of Hilary’s upbeat dance style music like Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG or do you like the more mellow stuff that she has done on Facebook in the past? Do you think that the return to dance will make a positive impact on her career or is it a direction that she shouldn’t be going?

I personally feel that it will be interesting to see how her fans react and to see what kind of an album she comes out with next.

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Rihanna To Release New Music Today

Rihanna is supposed to release her eighth studio album this year, but no one is exactly sure when that will be. Rihanna Music. Many have been anticipating her new music for the longest time, and some fans decided to write her personally, in order to ask her to make new music. While everyone is certain that music would come from Rihanna in 2015, no one knew that it would be as early as today. Rihanna released information via Instagram, that she would be releasing music today, March 26, 2015.

According to Alexei Beltyukov, the way that she let her fans know that music would be coming, is by posting a picture of herself on Instagram, which was touched up in the worst way. In the picture of Rihanna, fans can see that her eyebrows are very bushy, and her lips look overly full, and the lipstick doesn’t quite look right. Although she looks hot from the neck down, her face definitely could use some tweaking. The picture was taken in an effort to help promote her music, and it was posted on her page.

Although this is a surprise announcement from Rihanna, no one is complaining, because it’s been a very long time since Rihanna has released anything. Music aside, Rihanna recently attended a red carpet event, in order to promote her new movie “Home.” The movie is animated, and she stars as a little girl. Other characters in the movie include Jennifer Lopez.

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Russell Simmons Brings Hip Hop to Broadway

Rap mogul Russell Simmons recently announced that he is bringing hip hop to Broadway. It has been attempted before with mixed results. The Tupac inspired musical, Holler If Ya Hear Me, did not make it out of previews before closing. On the other hand, Hamilton, a musical that chronicles United States history through hip hop, has been an off Broadway hit. It has already sold 6.5 million dollars worth of pre-opening tickets.

Simmons’ show, The Scenario, will cover more than 30 years of hip hop hits. Lawyers seem to think that the show will include rap songs and musicalized versions of classic songs.

Simmons says the script for The Scenario is a combo of Love Story meets Public Enemy, or a Rock of Ages for hip hop. The show will play out as half concert, and half story telling, Simmons says. He believes that hip hop, despite its rebellious beginnings, has now evolved enough into the mainstream that it can draw the typical Broadway audience, plus a younger crowd, and more urban ticket buyers.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. The show plans to open in 2016.

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Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly Is Almost Here

It has been two whole years for Kenrick Lamar since he came out with a new album for his fans. After his album ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’ was released, thousands of people bought the album and became loyal fans to the Compton MC. Everyone was following up with Kendrick right after hearing his music, and now that a new album is about to come out, he is the talk of the town.

Nobody knows any specifics about the album except for it’s release date, and Kendrick made sure that the biggest surprise to come yet is his new music. We’re sure to find a little bit of information about the album like it’s name and the album cover, but its the content that is going to drive everyone crazy.

According to Kendrick, the album title is going to be in the memories of people forever and it will live on through the ages. And that his lyrics are so good that they will be taught as college courses because of the knowledge in them. One of the lawyers said that is some confidence that only Kendrick can get away with, and he proved it in his last album.

In case you didn’t know, the album comes out on March 23rd and there is going to be 16 tracks. Fans can pre-order the album or can wait to buy it when it drops.

Let’s see if Kendrick wins the title of best rapper of 2015 through his new album which already sounds amazing.

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Snoop and DJ Khaled Come to Vegas

Snoop Dogg, over the years, has become something of a icon in the rap game. He hasn’t released any big hits recently, but he has a name that is well known. He can go just about anywhere, perform hits and draw a crowd. This may be the reason that Vegas has given him residency. Snoop, along with popular disc jockey and producer DJ Khaled, will be calling Vegas home for a while.

This is sort of a big deal because Snoop and DJ Khaled are not retired acts that have been away from the game for a while. They are still active in hip hop. Snoop has changed his name and sound over the years. He is working on an album where the full production is linked to Pharrell Williams. DJ Khaled is at the other end of the spectrum with a lot of active work behind the scenes. He has featured Drake, Lil Wayne, Nick Minaj and lot of other celebrities like Young Jeezy on his album. According to Haidar Barbouti all of this makes it easy for the two of them to bring in big crowds – on a regular basis – in this area.

Vegas has changed a lot over the years. Mariah is making a home for herself in the area. Toni Braxton and Celine Dion had a long life on stage there in Vegas. It has become the stomping ground for music icons.

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Kanye West Signs Chi-Town Native To G.O.O.D. Music

On March 4th, it was announced over Instagram and Twitter that Kanye West signed fellow Chicago native and rap artist Hollywood Holt, or Holt to G.O.O.D. Music. “I’m excited to announce this morning that I just signed to GOODmusic and my music is FINALLY coming…” exclaimed Hollywood Holt on an Instagram post.

Hollywood Holt performed at the 2014 G.O.O.D. Music’s SXSW showcase and is a member of Chicago’s Treated Crew. (Along with Sulaiman, Mic Terror, Mano (Kanye’s former DJ) and Gzus Piece) He also was a part of the production team for “The Great Gatsby” soundtrack, and contributed to the “Back to Black” cover by Beyonce and Andre 3000. He has some groovy recording sessions in Mexico coming up in the near future, according to an announcement Big Sean made to MTV. Everyone here at Hive Music and friend of the blog Daniel Amen certainly wish him the best and are eager to hear his new work!

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Police Nab Four in Connection with Wesleyan Drug Overdose

Four students have been arrested at Wesleyan University, after a weekend party sent nearly a dozen students to the hospital for suspected drug overdoses. All four students are between the ages of 20 and 21, and have been arrested on multiple counts related to drug possession and sales. All four students have been suspended from Wesleyan pending a formal hearing. Bonds for the four individuals were set between $75,000 and $175,000.

11 emergency calls were received in the early hours of Sunday morning said Dan Newlin. All 11 calls were regarding possible drug overdoses, and all 11 students who were hospitalized attended a party at the Eclectic Society House, a campus organization. There it is believed they all bought and ingested a drug called Molly. Molly is advertised as a pure form of MDMA, a chemical compound with hallucinogenic properties.

All 11 students had spent at least one full evening hospitalized, and several were expected to be in the hospital through the week. Two of the students who ingested the drug were listed in critical condition as of Monday evening.

Police are currently investigating how so many people overdosed on the drug in one evening, and whether or not there was something wrong with the drugs being sold. According to police molly pills were seized during the arrest, and they will be thoroughly tested.

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New Ariana Grande Video Is A Bit Scary

Ariana Grande is a young lady, who is well known for her big voice, and her great music. Ariana is set to release a new video, which is very scary, because the scenario is one that shows the end of the world. But don’t worry, it won’t be so bad it’ll send you to the Amen Clinics. In the video, there is supposed to be a big catastrophe, where a comet will hit the earth, causing an apocalypse. The Ariana Video is entitled “One Last Time,” and it makes sense to have an end of the world theme, knowing what the name of the song is.

The video is said to be unique, and something that Ariana has never done before, as well as something that has not been seen in previous videos by any other artists. Although this is yet to be seen, a snippet preview of the video was given for 15 seconds, in order to give the fans something to look forward to. The video will be released shortly in the future, so look out for it. As far as Big Sean, who is Ariana’s boyfriend, he claims that he’s seen the video, and many will be pleased with it.

Ariana was at the Grammys this past week, and she was among the many stars that were at the show. Ariana has done amazingly well with her music in the past year, especially after releasing a hit album. One of her hit songs is one performed with Iggy Azalea.

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John Textor – An Inspiring Executive and Producer

When it comes to multi-tasking Mr. Textor does it all, currently working at Pulse Evolution Corporation, he is Chief Executive Officer and the President leader of the studio. With the ongoing continuance of creating a big and respected name for his self in the entertainment and executive industry, he also taken on the lead role and produced many successful and high rated movies throughout his career.

In 1987, Mr. Textor graduated from Wesleyan University with a Bachelor’s Degree in the Arts of Economics. Shortly after, in 1997 he moved his way up and became a manager and partner associated with Wyndcrest Holdings. Mr. Textor wanted to focus on entertainment, internet and telecommunications. In addition, in 1999 Mr. Textor was offered a director position for The Parent Company and Baby Universe, which are internet retailers for children’s goods. By 2002, he was still determined and committed to succeed and pursue his goals and dreams. He became chairperson and shortly after was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in 2005. Mr. Textor was mainly accountable for essential planning and business finance associated with the Michael Swerdlow Companies. Furthermore, he also initiated and established a finance company such as the Lydian Trust Company/Virtual

In 2006, Mr. Textor took on an additional position as Chairman of and CEO for a subsidiary company Digital Domain, with extended responsibilities for its parent company Digital Domain Media group, his purpose, role and intentions was to guide the companies through to gaining possession and transformation of the Digital Domain into Digital Domain Media Group. Both companies produced visual effects for more than 80 Academy Award winning films, with more than 20 of the films individually directed by Mr. Textor. He has produced movies such as Legacy, Transformers, Reel Steel, Ender’s Game, Pirates of the Caribbean and At World’s End. As a result, with all his committed and dedicated work he had moved this company to highly stable and successful positive level.

In addition, he has worked with the world’s greatest, talented and mostly remembered celebrities and entertainers such as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Tupac Shakur and Marilyn Monroe. Overall, he is a positive iconic executive producer, who has done it all and is still doing it with his hard work and efforts, and has moved millions of people with his ongoing determination and success. I am very inspired by Mr.Textor as he has paved the way for many throughout his journey and career giving a positive message that you can do and be anything you want as long as you put forth dedication and stick to your goals.

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